Abba's House Pregnancy Medical Clinic

Know For Sure Know Your Options


Our confidential, cost-free services include:
  • Abortion Information
  • Adoption Agency Referrals
  • Adoption Information
  • Maternity & Infant Supplies
  • Medical Referrals
  • Parenting Education
  • Post Abortion Support
  • Pregnancy Options Information
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • STD/STI Testing & Treatment
  • Support for Men
  • Ultrasound (Onsite)*
*Ultrasound scans are used to confirm the presence of a viable, uterine pregnancy. We do not use ultrasound to determine gender or diagnose abnormalities. Eligibility criteria apply.
The next series of prenatal classes will begin Tuesday, June 5th and will be held at Abba's House from 5:30pm-7:00pm. The subject matter of each class has been posted below for your convenience. 

June 5th                                                                  June 12th                                                             June 19th

Stages of labor                                                      Complications of pregnancy                                   Newborn characteristics

Warning signs                                                        Procedure in labor/pain med. options                     Breast feeding

Preterm labor                                                         Breathing exercise                                               Car seat safety

Basic breathing technique                                        Post partum